7 razones por las que tu tienda online no está convirtiendo ventas

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De acuerdo a un estudio realizado en 2011 basado en el estudio de 18.000 comentarios en tiendas online inglesas, las 7 principales razones en el abandono de compras en tiendas online son:

Descripciones de productos
Disponibilidad de productos
Funcionalidad Web/ navegación
Informacion de envío

Así que si quieres mejorar tus ventas ya tienes cinco factores para chequear tu Tienda.

Pricing: Consumers shop on the web for one reason, mostly. SAVE MONEY. That’s the name of the game. Comparison shopping online is at the tip of the searchers fingertips. If your prices are not reasonable with competitors, you may lose from the get go unless you are an established brand and the product you sell has authenticity issues. Make sure you promote sales and deals (such as deal of the week, deal of the day, etc.)
Product Descriptions: Product descriptions on an ecommerce website must be as detailed as possible without too much noise or boring a reader. The product descriptions must answer the simple questions quick and have as much information that is important to the consumer.
Product Availability / Stock Info: The availability of products must be made clear to the consumer from early on in the process of checkout. You do not want the consumer sitting there browsing around to see if the item is or is not in stock. This question will give them time to exit your website if not available.
Website Functionality / Navigation: Your website functionality and navigation are key to a consumers liking of the actual conversion process. If the consumer is having a hard time getting around the website or see that something is not working, that is reason enough to click the back button (or X button) and continue their search onto another site. Make your website easy to navigate and always browse to make sure the functionalities on the site are working just right.
Shipping Information / Rates: Shipping information and rates must be readily available to the consumer. If you don’t offer free shipping on all products (and if you do that should be something mentioned sitewide) make sure you have sitewide banner with shipping information.
Pictures: A picture is worth one thousand words, right? If you have bad product images, the consumer won’t be attracted to the product and go elsewhere; EVEN knowing it’s the same product. You having a bad quality image just says something about the company. Try to have good, high quality resolution images of your products.
Website Speed: If your website is loading too slow, the will surely discourage anyone from shopping or even just browsing your website. Make sure your website speed is solid and see what you can do to make it even faster than what it is now. Check for java and code that may slow loading times.

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